Organization and sponsors

Management Board

The Argo-France management board is in charge of the national program coordination in order to provide a mid-to-long term perspective to all activities of the program (research and operational).

The Argo-France management board will gather and diffuse technical and scientific information required to the strategic planning and decision making of the national program.

Board members are listed at the bottom of this page.

The board objectives are:

  • to ensure that strategic choices in different areas of activity are consistent and comply with the needs of the national research community,
  • to promote interactions between projects and operational activities, in particular between float technological development, at-sea operations, Coriolis DAC and research laboratories,
  • to develop a strategy for medium-term deployments (> 2 years) for the French Argo fleet (new and core extensions),
  • to provide a recommendation to the annual deployment plan developed by Coriolis,
  • to supervise the annual reports on the Argo-France program sent to the AST.

You can ask the committee at any time by writing to:

Members of the board:

Xavier André

Technologic coordinator

RDT / Ifremer

 Cécile Cabanes

DMQC Expert


Thierry Carval

Responsible Data Center DAC/GDAC for T/S


Christine Coatanoan

Quality control & delayed time Argo floats / Core

SISMER / Ifremer

 Fabrizio D'Ortenzio

Argo-BGC Technical Coordinator

LOV / Sorbonne Universty

Nicolas Kolodziejczyk

Scientific Coordinator & Argo France SNO Coordinator


Nathanaële Lebreton

Co-Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-T/S


Guillaume Maze

National Coordinator

LOPS / Ifremer

 Noé Poffa

Co-Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-T/S


 Antoine Poteau

Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-BGC

LOV / Sorbonne University

 Sylvie Pouliquen

Technical Coordinator


Raphaëlle Sauzède

BGC-Argo DMQC Expert

LOV / Sorbonne University

Catherine Schmechtig

Responsible Data Center DAC for BGC

LOV / Sorbonne University

Virginie Thierry

Responsible for Deep Argo and Argo-O2

LOPS / Ifremer