COVID19: Important updates!

Due to the current rise of COVID19 cases, we just received new information from the French government, indicating that a health pass will be mandatory from the 1st of August for events including more than 50 people ( – the English version of the website is unfortunately not up to date)

This means that to be able to access the conference, every participant must show a proof of full vaccination (2 shots; >15 days since the second shot) or present the proof of a negative PCR test (<48 hours). If a valid health pass cannot be shown by participants, access to the conference will be refused.

Negative PCR tests have to be renewed every second day to be valid (<48 hours). Tests can be organized in local pharmacies in Brest at your own costs (49 EUR per test). Due to these logistic constraints, we strongly recommend that you get vaccinated as soon as possible if you can.

If vaccination is not possible for you and you are planning to present negative PCR tests to access the conference, please let us know and we will do our best to help you organize testing.

If you rather would like to change your registration from onsite to online, please let us know before the 25th of July. In this case, a refund of 50% of the expenses incurred minus the price of the online participation will be issued.

Our COVID19 page is reagularly updated, please keep an eye on the latest information.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding, and do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee for any question: