Call for special sessions

This is an invitation to submit proposals for special sessions in the 16th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Brest, France between 12 and 17 of September 2021.

The Deep-Sea Biology Symposium is a long-running series of symposia that has had huge influence on driving forward the science of deep-sea biology as well as inspiring a new generation of researchers.

The 16th DSBS scientific highlight topics will cover:

  1. Conservation topics and stewardship (natural/anthropogenic impacts, conservation, governance);
  2. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning from microbes to megafauna (biodiversity patterns, species distribution, function, food webs);
  3. Life-history traits and population connectivity (reproductive ecology, larval development and dispersal, and population connectivity);
  4. Adaptations of deep-sea organisms (from molecules to organisms: how life adapt to extreme conditions)
  5. Access to the deep sea (technological and methodological advances to access and investigate deep-sea life, including observatories and cutting edge technologies –e.g. A.I. and omics);
  6. Deep-sea biomimicry (discovery of new technologies inspired by deep-sea biological solutions and processes)

Special session should cover one or more of these topics.

Procedure for submitting proposals

The proposal submission is open until 30 January, 2021! Proposals must be 250 words maximum following the application/msword DSBS 2021 proposal template

Please do not change the font and the character size of the template.

Proposal submission

Responsibilities of a special session chair

As a proposer of an accepted special session, you will become the special session chair.

Your primary responsibility is to solicit and to collect high-valued contributions by directly contacting the colleagues working in the proposed research field.

You will also oversee the review process by collaborating with the conference chairs and the scientific committee in determining which manuscripts are to be accepted.

You will structure presentation time in your session.

Only registered participant can be designated as a session chair to avoid no show onsite.

Given the uncertain evolution of COVID-19 pandemic, chairs and speakers should be prepared to adjust their session formats to an online meeting or webinar.

Important dates

Proposal Due: January 30, 2021

Notification regarding the proposals: Februray 15th 2021

Each proposal will be evaluated by the scientific and organizing committees.