PMMA photobioreactor (1)
120-litre photobioreactor (2)
Toric photobioreactor operated in turbidostat. (3)
17 x 250 mL photobioreactor for TIP (Temperature, Irradiance, pH) experimental platform (4)
New Brunswick 2-litre sterilisable photobioreactor
Infors 3-litre sterilisable photobioreactor
NB Innova 4340, NB G25, Infors Multitron II orbital shaking incubators
Fluorescence microscope
Microscope imaging station
HIAC particle counter (5)
Accuri C6 flow cytometer
Fontbrune microforge (manufacturing of glass microinstruments)
FLASH 200NC element analyser
Hansatech Chlorolab3 oxymeter (mesures liquid or gas phase photosynthesis/respiration)

Biolistic particle delivery systems (6)
Quantitative PCR (7)
HPLC analysis with AGILENT 1200 semi-prep (8)
Strain maintenance laboratory
Culture vessels