Ifremer careers

In a quarter of a century, Ifremer has become a leading player in the field of marine science in France, Europe and worldwide, spanning disciplines as diverse as underwater technology, marine biodiversity, fisheries and aquaculture, the coastal environment, biotechnology, oceanography and, more recently, deep-sea mineral resources and marine renewable energy.

To meet tomorrow’s challenges, our Human Resources policy has worked to stay close to the realities on the ground, to support the development of the Institute simultaneously with the development of the skills of the 1,600 present employees across its 26 sites in France and overseas. Attractive career development opportunities are available to the workforce in various fields, as are opportunities for functional and geographic promotion in France and abroad.

This policy relies on strategic workforce planning of jobs and skills, based on a policy of integration, training, transfers and management that contribute to predicting the changes to come, being prepared and adapting.

With continuous good quality social dialogue and 16 agreements signed over five years, the institute works to offer its employees a good work-life balance, to promote equality in the workplace and the roles of older and younger employees through numerous contracts or PhD projects, internships and VCAT (voluntary civilian technical assistants).

The Institute will recruit more than 500 employees in the next 10 years, both in research careers and support posts.

Employment at Ifremer offers the opportunity to work in sectors of the future, to meet a growing demand from society for research, monitoring and expertise at the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable development issues.

If you are have a profound interest in marine science, want to discover new horizons and to help us to meet environmental challenges, then join us and share in our future successes.